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Top Women in Leadership

Top Women in Leadership
Kelly Tomblin, Chief Executive Officer, Intren

INTREN CEO Kelly Tomblin was recently the Keynote Speaker at the Women's Energy Summit held on Wednesday, August 21 in Chicago. The invite-only event gathered energy’s most influential women, as well as political officials, and consumer groups.

Her message? “Power in its best form can unleash the good in all of us,” said Tomblin. “It is time to redefine power and use it to create a bigger vision for our future, heal communities, build equality and unity, as well as right the wrongs of this world.”

“It is also time to put the word love back in the workplace,” Tomblin added. “As Martin Luther King, Jr. eloquently said, ‘Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.’”

Since its inception in 2014, WES has served as a platform for senior women leaders to discuss pertinent energy issues, including how to 'move the needle forward' and advance women in this industry.

“Intren is one of the best major utility contractors in America, providing overhead, underground, gas and electric transmission service as well as commercial and industrial electrical construction and emergency storm response. Intren, a women-owned business philanthropically gives back to the community and is a shining example of American pride. MWMCA is proud to work with them”,  said Wayne R. Frazier, President.

INTREN is a premier WBE utility contractor with 30 years of experience working with the nation’s largest utility providers, private contractors and developers., municipalities and cooperatives. Intren specializes in providing turnkey solutions for projects of all sizes, and do so with dedication to completing the job on-time while providing the industry’s most innovative safety standards. For more information please visit Intern’s website at

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