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Apex Petroleum’s Fleet Expense Management Program is #1

Apex Petroleum

America is leading the world in supplier diversity and minority business enterprise inclusion. Here in the DMV region, we are blessed to be the home of one of the best suppliers of fuel for vehicles, trucks, heavy civil equipment, and industrial plant operation. That firm is Apex Petroleum, which formed over fifteen (15) years ago. In addition to supplying various types of all grades of motor fuels, diesel fuels, kerosene and lubricants, Apex Petroleum is a leader in fleet expense management.

Apex Petroleum’s Fleet Card program is designed to reduce fleet fuel cost by as much as 15%. The fleet card combines the ease of consolidated expense reporting with pay-at-the-pump acceptance. Apex has numerous fuel stations in state and throughout America that participate in the program.


The Benefits are:

Managing your vehicles and drivers is easier, since you can:

  • Restrict purchases to Apex Petroleum Certified Stores. 
  • Control the time of day and day of the week when each card can be used. 
  • Set purchase controls for each card – including the maximum number of transactions per day. 
  • Authorize transactions using Driver IDs that need to be entered when making a purchase. 
  • Use the flexibility of the Fuelman nationwide network of low-priced fuel and maintenance locations. For a list of locations, go to


Get Simple, Easy to Use Reports:

All your account information is only a click away.

  • One simple report shows transactions and billings for all card users. 
  • Change purchasing controls in real time. 
  • Access copies of invoices. 
  • Plus, you’ll have access to:
    • A daily email highlighting any exceptions to your fueling policies. 
    • Friendly customer service representatives who understand your fleet business.


Apex Petroleum is certified by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) as a DBE/MBE/SBE and many other national and state minority certifying agencies. Therefore, whether purchasing bulk fuel or utilizing the Apex Fuel Card, one will earn full spend participation on any transaction involving Apex Petroleum.


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Please contact them today to discuss next steps:

Anthony Onianwah

Office: 301-773-9009x11

Cell: 703-898-7500



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