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DMV’s Best Supplier of Fuel for Your Company’s Fleet and Plant

Apex Petroleum

The DMV’s best supplier of fuel for one’s fleet and plant just happens to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and diverse supplier. However, what may be even more significant to a business’s bottom line and control is that industries that rely on their company or work vehicles fueling at retail pumps can now secure Apex Petroleum’s credit card. Apex Petroleum’s fleet credit card allows purchases to be made at the pump under a controlled environment. Plus, by using the Apex Petroleum credit card the owner enjoys a 15% discounted savings!


Apex Petroleum is certified by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) as a DBE/MBE/SBE and many other national and state minority certifying agencies. Therefore, whether purchasing bulk fuel or utilizing the Apex Fuel Card, one will earn full spend participation on any transaction involving Apex Petroleum.


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Please contact them today to discuss next steps:

Anthony Onianwah

Office: 301-773-9009x11

Cell: 703-898-7500



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