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‘As a Woman of Color, I’m Often Viewed as the Minority Partner Needed to Check the Boxes’ Remarks Businessowner

When we Perform at the Highest Level, the barriers start to come down and Firms start to view Regional as a true strategic partner.
Beverly Thomas, President Regional Contracting Services, LLC

The DMV area is a hotbed for women-owned construction firms. From vertical construction to underground and overhead utility construction, the region has some of the best firms that America has to offer. As a group, they are well financed, managed, staffed, and bonded. One such firm, Regional Contracting Services, owned and operated by Beverly L. Thomas, sits at the top after two decades serving both public and private clients.

Established in 2001, Regional Contracting Services employs 48 full-time workers and offers rough carpentry, doors, framing, hardware, and thermal insulation services. In addition, Regional Contracting Services provides bath accessories, fire stop products, caulking products, temporary protection, and special building materials. They hold minority certification status throughout the DMV and will travel beyond their base to provide services.

“Regional Contracting Services is known for their high-quality work and dedicated, well trained staff of motivated workers. Beverly L. Thomas is a leader among leaders, and upon discussing the construction industry with her, one will clearly learn why she is so successful. If one wants to employ a contractor with the utmost integrity and workwomanship, please give Beverly Thomas, president of Regional Contracting Services, a call. She’s a winner,” said Wayne R. Frazier, Sr, president of Md. Washington Minority Companies Association (MWMCA).

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Beverly L. Thomas, President
Regional Contracting Services, LLC

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