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2020 Best Energy Utility Construction CEO of the Year

Kelly Tomblin, with her executive leadership experience, is the best person to guide INTREN to new levels of normalcy
Kelly Tomblin President & Chief Executive Officer Intren

Md. Washington Minority Companies Association (MWMCA) is proud to honor INTREN President/CEO, Kelly Tomblin, as our 2020 Best Energy Utility Construction CEO of the Year. INTREN is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) doing business in the public and private energy utility industry. INTREN specializes in electric overhead, distribution, underground electric, transmission, storm and emergency response, substation construction, natural gas services, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. All disciplines operate under the impactful eye of strict safety codes and protocols. INTREN, a 32-year-old concern, was founded by Chairwoman Loretta Rosenmayer who build the company on industry best practices, best qualified staff, safety, and community stewardship.

In 2017, INTREN selected Kelly Tomblin, a 25-year energy industry executive, as their next President and CEO, succeeding Rosenmayer. The former Southern belle, “had to overcome her embedded Southern accent, non-traditional background and bias related to what a “boss” looks like and appropriate leadership language.” Her hurdles also included, “assumptions about a woman’s latitude and willingness to take risks, as well as the perception by others that women will not be a good fit because the vast majority do not meet the corporate leader historical description for the job,” said Tomblin.

Under Tomblin’s leadership, INTREN has built trust and an intimacy with their customers based on honest recommended solutions and sometimes just a better way of doing the job. Therefore, INTREN may not be viewed as a typical contractor, but a trusted partner. INTREN has been ranked #48 nationally among all contractors and #7 among the utility sector by ENR Magazine.

As the rest of the world and the United States deal with COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, so does Tomblin. “INTREN has had a business continuity plan in place forever,” said Tomblin. “Prior to the first U.S. coronavirus case, we assembled our pandemic preparedness team by mid-January and  implemented the CDC’s recommendations throughout the organization and educated our employees by January 30th. We also started working close with our utility partners to provide essential services, while creating a strict protocol for anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or testing positive. This continues today, we had a few positive tests, which resulted in self-isolation upon their initial symptoms,” said Tomblin.

“INTREN under Kelly Tomblin’s leadership will continue to soar as it looks to new markets in America to bring its world class diversity inclusive attitude and service. Kelly Tomblin, with her executive leadership experience, is the best person to guide INTREN to new levels of normalcy in America and become a much sought-after leader for insight on best practices within the energy industry. Kelly Tomblin inspires!” said Wayne R. Frazier, Sr., president of MWMCA.

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