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The Whiting-Turner Contacting Company

The Whiting-Turner Contacting Company is Soliciting Bids for the DCPL Southeast Neighborhood Library

The existing two-story library building is 8,500 square feet. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and located in the Capital Hill Historic District. The library is bounded by 7th Street SE to the east, D Street SE to the north, South Carolina Avenue SE to the south and a side yard with adjacent residences to the west. The library has a main entry on 7th Street SE and an accessible entrance to the basement level on D Street SE.

The proposed work will lower the current basement level of the existing library by four feet – to the approximate sidewalk elevations at South Carolina Avenue and D Street – and add a new level 14’ below grade. The project will also expand into the existing side yard with a three-story addition that includes a new accessible entrance on South Carolina Avenue; an egress stair and elevator serving all three stories; and various building support spaces. The footprint of the new lower-level projects 22’ beyond the face of the existing building and property line beneath the landscaped berm along South Carolina Avenue. In addition, a vestibule to the new accessible entrance projects 10’ beyond the face of the building and property line. The total area of the expanded library will be 17,547 square feet. The existing library building is constructed primarily of multi-wythe load-bearing exterior masonry walls, wood-framed roof structure, and concrete floor slabs. The addition will utilize load-bearing CMU exterior walls with a fiber cement-clad rainscreen façade and an aluminum-framed curtain wall. The floor slabs are concrete on metal deck with structural steel. The roof of the addition includes an extensive green roof assembly. The below grade expansion includes an intensive green roof assembly over a sloped concrete slab and concrete structure. Skylights and sloped glazing assemblies are provided in the roof of the side yard addition and landscaped berm above the below grade addition.

Interior improvements will include replacement of the mechanical, electrical and life safety systems, improving building accessibility; enlarging the bathrooms; replacing the existing elevator; increasing the available floor area to accommodate a large meeting room and smaller conference rooms, lounge-style seating areas, and a children’s area.


CBE and Small Business Requirements

  • 35% of the Contract work to be awarded to entities that are certified as Small Business Enterprises by the District of Columbia.
  • First Source Employment Agreement – Hours worked in each classification by DC residents:
  • 20% Journeyman, 60% Apprentice, 51% Skilled Laborer, 70% Common Laborer

LEED Certification

  •  Building to be designed to achieve LEED Gold certification.


100% Construction Documents posted on Building Connected: 12/20/22
Site Visit: 1.5.23 – 9-11:30
Scope of Work Issued: 1.18.23
Scope Review: 2.3.23
Bids Due: 2.9.23
Subcontractor Selection: 2.28.23

July 2023

March 2025
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Ben Walden
Terri Bosnick
Harold Benjamin

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