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Mirinda Jackson

Mirinda Jackson

25-May-2019 3:17 PM

What outcome does one achieve, when one integrates a person of African-American birth heritage, born in  a segregated community in King George County, Virginia, that receives a good education, moves to our nations Capital, secures employment with U.S. General Services Administration as a buyer, then is provided further continual education in the art of procurement and develops a passion to assist and grow minority and woman business? The answer is complex but simple if one knows Mirinda Jackson, MBE Compliance Manager for Prince George’s County Council, Maryland.


Mirinda Jackson’s current role in the county is to focus on major real estate development projects that earn financial assistance in the form of Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) or Payment in Lieu of Taxes (Pilot), etc., and set spending goals for MBE’s. Furthermore, she negotiates the MBE plan, monitor achievements, provide training, outreach, and potential sources to the developer or general contractor. In essence her goal is to ensure that the local business community benefits from the major development projects in Prince George’s County.


“The DMV region of America is blessed to be our nations cradle for Minority Business Enterprise. Having advanced socio-economic inclusion programs since 1978, there are few icons remaining active in the nation, Mirinda Jackson is one of them. Her perspective ranges from segregated communities and business of her youth to now full inclusion, and she has seen it all. Prince George’s County, Maryland is blessed to have her leading the way in negotiating, tracking and enforcing MBE spend in the County. God bless her, said Wayne R. Frazier, Sr. President of Md. Washington Minority Companies Association (MWMCA)”.


Mirinda Jackson

MBE Compliance Manager

Prince George’s County Council

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Telephone Number 301-952-4919


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