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All Building Trades Please Register for Clayco’s COVID – 19 Resource Center Conference Calls


18-Apr-2020 7:01 PM

Please Register


America’s Design-Build industry remains strong during these unprecedented times, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’s shut down of major population centers, where many construction projects are domiciled.  Construction in the DMV, an area hit hard by work restrictions due to shut down and stay at home orders, is considered an essential service, thus many existing projects are still hammering away with many more about to commence.


Going forward, the new normal for the construction industry will consist of both safety and public health practices, working in tandem. Safety practices have always been paramount in design and daily activities at all construction sites. Project executives, managers, engineers and superintendents plan and control project safety so the least amount of injuries occur, and one should note these safety precautions were already in place and practiced prior to COVID – 19.


Now comes a major US Design-Build firm out of the Midwest region that is seizing the moment to enhance their already strong safety practices, by offering minority and women-owned businesses (M/WBE) an option to learn from shared information and addressing current industry concerns on a regular basis. That corporation is Clayco, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a presence in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Clayco, would like for building trade owners and staff to register for their M/WBE Resource Center COVID – 19 weekly conference calls, so their business is consistently informed of COVID – 19 concerns. Clayco is committed to keeping its workers safe and free of infection while on the job and beyond! Please join them on their weekly informational chats and stay abreast of the ever-changing new COVID-19 landscape. Plus, one will get to learn about new opportunities with Clayco!

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