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Meet Delan Johnson from Washington Gas, Sr. Mgr./Supplier Diversity

Washington Gas serves more than one million residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Washington D.C. and the surrounding region.
Delan Johnson, Senior Manager/Supplier Diversity, Washington Gas

1. Tell us about your journey to become Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity and how did you prepare?


Throughout my extensive career spanning over 20 years in the Supplier Diversity industry, I have witnessed its growth and evolution since its early days when it didn't even have a formal name. My journey began as a Project Manager at the Marshall Heights Community Development Organization, where I was deeply involved in their Housing Education and Business Development programs. This transformative experience provided me with invaluable insights into the unique challenges faced by diverse small businesses and the vital role education plays in their success. It became evident to me that while individuals possess the determination to thrive, they often lack the necessary tools and information to do so. That's where I stepped in. From that point forward, every role I undertook in my career was dedicated to serving small diverse businesses in various capacities. I proactively pursued educational opportunities, attending classes, and acquiring practical knowledge, driven by my unwavering desire to witness the flourishing of diverse small businesses.


2. What are your responsibilities and duties. Who do you report to?


In my capacity as a Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity at Washington Gas, my core responsibility revolves around promoting and implementing strategies aimed at enhancing the participation of diverse suppliers within our supply chain. I am deeply committed to fostering inclusivity, driving economic growth within diverse businesses, and cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with diverse-owned suppliers. To achieve these objectives, I am actively involved in developing and executing supplier diversity initiatives that involve the identification, assessment, and engagement of diverse suppliers.


Beyond that, my role encompasses a range of key functions. I am responsible for conducting supplier identification and selection activities, ensuring that we establish meaningful connections with the right partners. Acting as a liaison, I foster collaboration between our organization and diverse suppliers, serving as a bridge to facilitate effective communication and address any concerns that may arise. Additionally, I am dedicated to advocating for supplier diversity and providing education to stakeholders, both internally and externally. This involves raising awareness of the value and benefits of diverse supplier participation.



Additionally, compliance and certification form an integral part of my responsibilities, ensuring adherence to relevant regulations and standards. I provide guidance and support to diverse suppliers in obtaining necessary certifications such as minority-owned or women-owned business certifications. Finally, my role is focused on continuous improvement, staying up to date with industry best practices, benchmarking, and identifying opportunities to enhance our supplier diversity program.


As a Senior Manager, I report directly to Lyndon Dupont, the Senior Director of Supply Chain. This direct relationship with senior leadership enables me to address diverse business matters effectively and collaborate on strategic initiatives.


3. Tell us about Washington Gas, what areas of business are you in and the territorial footprint you cover?


Washington Gas serves more than one million residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Washington D.C. and the surrounding region.

WGL provides gas distribution services to residential and nonresidential customers in the District of Columbia metropolitan area including Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Providing gas distribution to all of these customers involves activities that include pipeline construction, maintenance, and inspection, or manufacturing gas appliances and components. We operate underground storage facilities to store natural gas, network of pipelines and infrastructure to transport natural gas from production sites to end-users, such as residential, commercial, and industrial customers.


4. How does one get connected or registered with Washington Gas?


To register, simply visit our website www.washingtongas/ and fill out the registration form with your company’s details. Firms may also contact us by email at


5. What minority or disadvantage business certifications do you recognize?


Washington Gas recognizes MBE/WBE certifications from over 284 certifying agencies. You can locate the list of recognized certifying agencies at www.washingtongas/


6. Tell us about the Washington Gas “Strive For 35” enabling program and what must one do to take advantage of it?


Through our valued strategic partner, Prince George's Financial Services Corporation First (FSC First), Washington Gas is proud to introduce the Strive for 35 Fund. This initiative aims to provide lending opportunities specifically tailored to diverse-owned suppliers based in Maryland who are eager to contribute to the natural gas industry. By doing so, we aim to address a common challenge faced by these suppliers—securing working capital. The Strive for 35 program is an exceptional opportunity for companies interested in working with Washington Gas, as it grants them access to much-needed capital while fostering a more inclusive business ecosystem. Contact Dawn R. Medley, President/CEO at 301 883 6904 or or, Steward Smith for more information.



7. What are your top spending items from the procurement side?


Washington Gas primarily focuses its spending on underground construction, construction, and paving. However, the company is also actively seeking professionals in other categories, including Engineering, IT, and Legal. This commitment to diversifying our talent pool allows us to explore new opportunities and enhance our capabilities across multiple fields.


8. Do you allow teaming agreements and joint ventures between majority and minority firms to win work? If so, how do you count the spend?


Washington Gas encourages teaming agreements and joint ventures with majority firms. However, when it comes to tracking and reporting spend, the company only considers the portion allocated to the diverse-owned company. This approach ensures that the contributions and economic impact of diverse-owned businesses are accurately reflected in our reporting, supporting our commitment to supplier diversity and inclusion. By monitoring the allocation of spend to diverse-owned companies, Washington Gas actively promotes equity and fosters opportunities for underrepresented businesses to thrive in our industry.


9. How does one contact you?


I can be best reached by email at

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