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Baltimore Community Lending is a Well...
Watchen Harris Bruce, is arguably the most seasoned and experienced leader BCL has ever had....Read More..
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January 29,2021

February 10,2021

Courtney Edmonds is a leading subject matter expert in supplier diversity specifically contract compliance, strategic sourcing, and business development..... Read Full

Battaglia Associates, an Exelon Contractor of Choice (COC)
.... Read Full

MWMCA is proud to be recognized for our diligent work of consistently bringing new bid, work, and event opportunities from top prime companies in America.... Read Full

Detra Miller, is a one-of-a-kind type of Banker who cares about her community as well as addressing profitability for M&T Bank

.... Read Full

Kara DiPietro has mastered the management and leadership to accommodate her client’s particular specifications that provides a sense of ease.

.... Read Full

CEO Khouzami is perhaps the best person for the job during the pandemic because of his well-rounded corporate history.

.... Read Full

“Tradepoint Atlantic’s work at Sparrows Point will enhance the site’s role as an economic growth engine for our state,” said Senat.... Read Full

At MWMCA we can help for a low affordable cost

.... Read Full

Advertise Your Events

.... Read Full

To be a part of this historic event during these unusual times and connect so many is a testament to the economic strength of the region and the inclusiona.... Read Full

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Bid Due Date:-3 Feb, 2021
Reclaimed Final Effluent Pump Systems Upgrades at Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bid Due Date:-26 Jan, 2021
Miscellaneous Facilities Upgrade Phase 7 at Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bid Due Date:-27 Jan, 2021
Miscellaneous Facility Upgrade - Phase 7
Bid Due Date:-27 Jan, 2021
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Tunnel Ventilation Pilot Program Design Build Services
Bid Due Date:-5 Feb, 2021