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“Get Listed” Online Business Directory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is “Get Listed?”

“Get Listed” is the #1 online business directory utilized by leading businesses, organizations and government agencies to locate certified minority, women, and service disabled veteran-owned businesses and contractors for their projects and ongoing operational needs.


How will my “Get Listed” online profile look, what will people see?

 Absolute Supply and Services, LLC

“Get Listed” Online Directory


How do I “Get Listed” in the Online Business Directory?

Complete the “Get Listed” Online Business Directory Form and either email to info@mwmca.orgor fax completed form to 888-609-8318.


What types of leading companies and government organizations will utilize the “Get Listed” directory?

Prime Contractors, Healthcare Organizations, Municipalities,  K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities, State and Local Government, Gaming and Casino Companies, Water and Sewer Agencies, Utility Companies, and many more.


Why should minority, women and veteran owned businesses “Get Listed” in MWMCA’s online directory?


  • “Get Listed” in MWMCA’s online directory so decision-makers at leading prime companies, organizations and government agencies will be able to find your business quickly.


  • Those same decision makers will be able to get a comprehensive overview of a company’s product/service offerings quickly from one convenient directory.


  •  All of your certifications, NAICS codes describing your businesses services, prequalification(s), license(s), bonding, your affiliations with professional and/or industry related organizations and much more can be seen at a glance!
  • Upload your company’s marketing videovideo icon to your profile. When the video icon is clicked your company’s video opens for viewing.


  • Upload your businesses capability statement so more in depth information can be found quickly and conveniently.


Don’t want to show every field of your profile, no problem we can remove any fields you do not want viewers to see.


What’s best about the online “Get Listed” directory?

You are able to make “UNLIMITED EDITS” throughout the year at no additional cost. Your online listing can be updated to reflect current business information such as: 


  • a newly acquired certification 
  • a new service or product offering
  • address and contact information


Your listing is always up to date so those viewing your company’s listing can access current information.


What is the cost to get your business listed in MWMCA’s online directory?


The fee for “Get Listed” is only $150.00 annually

t your business listed now, and save $20.00 off the annual fee for a limited time only! This brings  your total annual fee to $130.00.
Simply complete the Get Listed Online Business Directory Form (make this a link to the form), submit the form via fax or email to 888-609-8318 or and an invoice will be emailed to you for payment. 


 Leading Businesses that want to work with you can find you if you

“Get Listed” in MWMCA’s Online Directory

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