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Day & Sons Used Hydro Excavation for Urban Project with Unmarked Utilities to Ensure Safety

Day and Sons, Inc. capabilities are vast and backed up by today's state of the art heavy equipment.

9-Aug-2021 5:44 AM

The DMV is a treasure chest of skilled and certified minority owned trades working in the building, transportation, and underground utility construction industry. The last 25 years or so, have welcomed an array of such firms born out of the desire to embrace one's entrepreneurial spirit and skill, along with the willingness of government and private concerns to create new opportunities. Some refer to it as social economic engineering, whereas others see it as making up for lost time.

One such business is Day and Sons, Inc., an underground utility firm created by Kevin Day in 2004, because he knew he could compete if only given a chance. Day and Sons, Inc. is an MBE certified contractor that specializes in the installation and maintenance of underground utilities of electric, gas, water, sewer, and telecommunications. Day and Sons, Inc. capabilities are vast and backed up by today's state of the art heavy equipment such as horizontal directional drilling, trenching, and plowing as well as hydro vacuum excavation equipment. His team of skilled employees have a superb safety record and safety education is communicated daily.  The firm is well established and equipped and has superior management in place to successfully complete each job.

“At MWMCA, we are very proud that Day and Sons Inc. has scaled up his business to meet the demand for Maryland's largest public utility company, BGE. Day and Sons is able to deliver and meet BGE’s rigorous requirements along with safety standards. Day and Sons, Inc. has proven that they can do the job and are seeking to grow and service other public energy and water utilities in the DMV. Kevin Day, the owner, is prepared to deliver top notch service to you. Please contact him for your next project”, said Wayne R. Frazier, Sr. President of MWMCA.


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